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Special pigment called pressure sensitive dyestuff for varistor

brief introduction

A pressure sensitive dye is a dye that is colored by pressure. Used for pressing paper. For example, in tiny capsules containing colorless malachite green lactone amino dye in solution, coating on the back of the paper. When the paper is written or typed, the capsule on the back pressure part is broken, and the dye solution flows to the bottom layer and coated with acid clay.

Special dyes for pressure-sensitive paper

The special dye used for pressure sensitive carbon paper is not sensitive to pressure. When it contacts with colorless or light colored solid acids (such as bisphenol A, acid clay etc.), it will give off color. Most of them are reversible thermochromic compounds such as fluorolanolactone compounds.

Common dyestuffs

The commonly used dyes are: crystal violet lactone (blue), methylene blue benzoyl leuco (blue) and 3- methyl cyclohexyl amino methyl -6- -7- aniline fluoran (black), 3- aminoethyl amino -6- methyl -7- aniline fluoran (black), 3- two -7,8- amino ethyl benzo fluoranthene alkyl (red), 3- -6- -7- two amino ethyl methyl chloride fluoran (red), 3- -7- two ethylamino octylamino fluoran (green) and 3,3- (N- -2- octyl methyl indoline based) phthalocyanine ketone (red), double (4-N- phenyl methyl amino phenyl - ethylcarbazole (N-)) methane (blue). The maximum amount is fluorane lactone compound.

Pressure sensitive dye BLMB

BLMB (BenzoylLeueoMethyleneBlue, benzoyl leukomethylene) is currently the only compounds had spit into practical products. BLMB and CvL (Crystal Violet Complex) is the same, since early use of pressure sensitive dye. It is through the atlapulgite developer blue green dye. Although the color rendering speed is slow, the color fastness to light is good. Therefore, as a combination of the two chromogenic agents and CVL, we can complement each other and get practical duplication.




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