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The new material industry presents six major trends

[news] online China epoxy resin industry CCID Consulting Co. Ltd. released "2004 - 2005 China New Material Industry Research Report", nanotechnology and new materials, new materials, new materials, rare earth materials and new photoelectric battery 4 segments of the market report: 2004, China's new materials industry is growing rapidly, the overall market scale reached 18 billion 10 million yuan, an increase of 27.7%. Over the past year, the continuous improvement of the industrial structure, the continuous emergence of new materials and the remarkable improvement of business profits have become the main characteristics of the development of China's new material industry.

Trend one: the integration of industrial chain

In recent years, new material enterprises have speeded up the pace of industrial integration, and entered the new and downstream industries of new materials, so as to reduce business costs and increase the added value of products, thereby changing the competitive position of unfavorable industries and enhancing their overall profitability. In the field of nano materials, Enping Jiawei Chemical Industry Co Ltd has built an annual output of 50 thousand tons of nano coatings, to extend the applications of nanometer calcium carbonate in the field; new rare earth materials, Ningbo Yunsheng has formed "neodymium iron boron - serinette, motor industry chain layout; Baotou Xiaoke company through the establishment of hydrogen storage alloy, the battery plate and NIMH 3 specialized production enterprises, improve the industrial chain in the field of Ni MH battery; battery materials, CITIC Guoan mengguli, Yingli, Jade Bird Huaguang battery materials company has already entered the downstream cell field, combining the industrial chain pattern of battery materials, battery production downstream.

Trend two: the effect of industrial cluster is highlighted

At present, 79 new materials industry bases have been built in China, and the effect of industrial cluster is beginning to appear. Including Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai has become the three largest domestic research and development of nano materials and production base; Inner Mongolia Baotou and Zhejiang Tianjin area, Ningbo has become the main production base of rare earth NdFeB materials; and Wuhan, Guangzhou, Xiamen, Changchun is currently the main photoelectric new material industry base. Through the construction and support of the new material industry base, the state has strengthened the overall technological research and development strength of the new material industry and the competitiveness of the enterprise market.

Trend three: strong market demand

The excellent product performance and wide application fields of new materials have kept the market demand for a high increase. In the next few years, the nano powder material will remain around 15% growth in the scale of the application of rubber and plastic, paint, paper and other industries; the market application of rare earth NdFeB material will gradually from the sound amplifier for electric bicycles, in the low-end to high-end computer hard drive voice coil motor, motor vehicles and other areas with the development; people's consumption level unceasing enhancement, LCD, PDP new display products will become the hot consumer market, which led to the increasing demand of photoelectric materials market. In addition, the market demand for new lithium batteries, nickel hydrogen batteries and solar cells will also increase with the growth of the application products.

Trend four: the enhancement of independent R & D capability of enterprises

In the development of new material products technology, the core technology patent rate of new material enterprises in China has been improved continuously, and the ability of independent research and development has been greatly enhanced. At present, China has become one of the countries with most applications for nanotechnology patents, and is in the leading position in the field of global nanotechnology. In the new rare earth materials, Chinese by country of rare earth resources to the original new rare earth materials production power, three rings, rainbow shares, Baotou Xiaoke and a number of key technology of rare earth materials enterprises have been able to hold a position in the field of global rare earth new material. In the field of battery materials, lithium battery materials and solar cells have basically been made domestically.

Trend five: frequent merger and reorganization of enterprises

In 2004, the merger and reorganization of China's new material enterprises occurred frequently. Domestic enterprises NdFeB leading three rings to Shanghai EPSON magnetic devices company capital 70 million yuan, becoming its largest shareholder, and the latter is the world's second largest bonded NdFeB production enterprises, Zhongke Sanhuan further consolidate its in the field of high-end NdFeB material market position. The U.S. chemical giant DuPont Co acquired with the "first brand" China solid surface material industry of Guangzhou Monterey Industrial Co. ltd.. In the special field, northeast three key steel companies, Dalian iron and Steel Group, Fushun Steel Group and the group in August 2004 announced the merger of the north northeast special steel group, has become the largest special steel production enterprises.

Trend six: the continuous improvement of enterprise profit level

The profit level of the 43 new materials listed companies in the domestic main board market has been significantly improved. With the continuous growth of R & D investment and the diversification of product business, the competitiveness and risk tolerance of listed companies have been gradually improved. Zhongke Sanhuan, Aetna science and technology, Ningbo Yunsheng and other enterprises has been investors focus on capital market of enterprise.

With the constant change of market demand, the development of technology in the field of materials is changing with each passing day. However, in the coming years, the new material industry will also face a series of challenges, such as the low product level, the key technology and production technology need to be improved, and the price of materials will be affected by the supply and demand of the market. How to overcome the hindrance of these unfavorable factors will be a serious problem for China's new material industry.




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